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In the previous post, I suggested that – because ads are carefully focused on their intended audiences – examining the commercials on your favorite TV shows will provide insight into who you are.  I then studied commercials on an episode of my favorite program, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, for clues about my true […]

Following on from my previous post about self-Googling, let’s talk about self-knowledge.  “Know thyself” was inscribed on the ancient Temple of Apollo in Delphi, where the famous oracle made her pronouncements.  Many have debated exactly what it means and how it can be achieved. Back in 1972, the National Lampoon released Deteriorata1.  A hilarious parody […]

[First, thanks to everyone who sent me words of encouragement!  Second, due to a combination of over-eagerness and lack of prior blogging experience, I neglected to include an RSS Feed link for this blog.  Look to the right – you’ll see that has been fixed.  If you use Internet Explorer, your “Favorites Center” enables you to […]

For several years, people have been telling me “You should blog.” “Why the @#$% should I blog?” I’d reply.  I got a range of answers, including: “You should write about instructional design and eLearning – as a way to market yourself.”  My eyelids grow heavy just thinking about this – perhaps that blog would provide relief from […]