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I am very busy with work this week.  That’s good for me, but I’m afraid it’s not so good for the blog.  In other words, this post will be a quickie.  There is a psychological phenomenon called selective perception.  This occurs when an observer chooses to filter out or focus attention on a given stimuli […]

It was November of 1968.  I was 18 and a sophomore at UC Santa Cruz.  About a year before, a magazine called Rolling Stone had started in San Francisco and I’d quickly become an avid reader.  Back in high school, I’d actually subscribed to what was arguably the first rock “zine” – the mimeographed Mojo-Navigator […]

The year was 1973.  I was living in Berkeley.  I had eased my transition from the student world to the working world by moving to a city dominated by a big university.  Then I got my first full-time job: driving a delivery truck and doing miscellaneous errands for an alarm company in Oakland.  What a […]

A few days ago I sat down to write a blog post about sarcasm.  Specifically, I began to describe an experience that had led me to develop a theory about the different ways men and women use sarcasm.   While writing, I recalled a story about the psychologist and philosopher William James.  Here’s a version that […]

Dear readers, I am committed to keeping this blog frivolous, and I have no interest in making it political.  However, I did think it might be fun to apply my concept (studying the commercials on your favorite shows to gain insight into your true self) to 2 shows that I don’t watch – The O’Reilly […]