Why Is This Post Different From All Other Posts?


Happy Passover and/or Easter and/or (my personal favorite) April Fool’s Day!

I am working on my next post which, apropos of being half-Jewish/half-Christian (and 100% non-observant, Agnostic, lapsed vegetarian — but those are stories for other posts), deals with the different ways that Jews and Christians use a certain word.

In the meantime, please check out my new music-oriented blog DJ MJD’s Back Trackshttp://djmjd.wordpress.com/

Back in the day (and the particular day I’m remembering must have been in 1987), I used to make elaborate mix cassettes, cross-fading dialog from my VHS copy of  Apocalypse Now with tracks from phonograph records by Echo & the Bunnymen, Robbie Robertson and Los Lobos (and let’s not forget Warren Zevon’s Sentimental Hygiene album).  It was tricky back then, you had to drop the needle into the groove just before the song started and hit the record button at the same time — and getting all those levels correct was a pain too.  Now, with digital recording, it’s incredibly easy— nevertheless, I’ll just be posting one song a week.

So… what have we learned?

  • As technology improves, people get lazier (or at least one person — me).

Enjoy the surreal song by The Alpha Band.



2 Responses to “Why Is This Post Different From All Other Posts?”

  1. 1 Ted

    I can think of several:

    “goyish” – Christians think it means non-Jewish

    “shiksa” – Christians think it means a non-Jewish blonde

    Jews think a little nastier on each one.

    Congratulations on the new blog. Like Costanza, I always wanted to be called “T-Bone.”

  2. 2 JIm Laffan

    I remember those cassette mixes! I still play them while I’m driving around the Dartmouth campus, honking and waving at those perky shiksas and sultry Jewesses sunbathing on the green. I, too, would like to be called T-Bone, but, hey, Hambone isn’t bad for a start! The most head-turning of those cassettes is still the one that has Seeds by Springsteen and I Live in America! by James Brown. Maybe it’s just because I play them loud with the windows down. You were very kind to share pop culture with me in New Hampshire in the days before the digital global village made the recherche instantly available. It’s all different now: Zip Code Rapists?, Rocket Science and the Nigger Loving Faggots? Oh, those guys, somebody was playing the new singles on his iPod a the last 4H meeting down at the Grange Hall last week. They’re okay, I guess. Pa plays his own mix of Rapists, Experimental Dental School and Zeek Shek in the milking parlor; says it boosts production!

    Still waiting for another tape of sound bites from movies, though. I’ve used up all the killer lines from Apocalypse Now and Pulp Fiction and those college girls are beginning to realize I’m not so hip after all…

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