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I’ve been working on a longish blog post about the different ways that Jews and non-Jews use a certain word, but it’s been very slow going (a blog slog, as it were).  Then a news story came over the transom (thanks to my friend — and sometime commenter on this blog — JIm Laffan) and I just couldn’t […]

3KRAEQSK9W2Z [Yeah, I know… sorry about the 2 month gap between posts.  No excuses… just took a break.  Anyway, I’m back.] Oh, those wacky Germans – they sure do have a knack for inventing words.  Consider these fine examples: Blitzkrieg – A swift, sudden military offensive, usually by combined air and land forces [Blitz, lightning + Krieg, […]

[I’m bidding adieu to 2009 in English Major mode.] Lake Superior State University in Michigan has released its annual List of Words to Be Banished from the Queen’s English for Mis-use, Over-use and General Uselessness.1 While “shovel-ready” topped their list, I was happiest to see their call for banishing all “czars.” I have always hated this […]

It’s 11:30 and I’m sitting in the Business Center of the Monterey Marriott, feeling guilty about not having posted anything since the 11th of September. I started a great story about my wife and me going to a rock concert in Italy.  That post will appear soon.  But, as the cliché goes “shit happens.” So, […]

I worked in corporate training departments on and off from 1978 to 1996.  During that period, I was laid-off 3 times (frankly, the term “downsizing” – which is how my employers described those traumatic events – strikes me as infantile… like saying “spit up” instead of “vomit” or “boo boo” instead of “shotgun blast to […]

The media dubbed it the “Summer of Love.”  Scott McKenzie (where is he now?) sang that “If you’re goin’ to San Francisco… be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.”  Well, I spent the summer of 1967 in Marin County, only a few miles north of that Mecca of Hippiedom.  I even went to […]

One of my all-time favorite films is Annie Hall.  I like many things about it – it’s a Romantic Comedy that, unlike most current examples of that genre, actually manages to be both romantic and funny.  Woody’s love interest is even age-appropriate.  But one thing that I really enjoy about it is Woody Allen’s use […]